5 Types Of Greyhounds | Health, Temperament, Appearance

Maybe you have always been fond of welcoming a graceful Greyhound into your home. However, were you aware that there are multiple types to choose from? We have compiled a list of the seven different types of Greyhounds available for you to choose from! While certain Greyhounds may be more popular than others, they all embody the grace, elegance, and gentleness we universally admire and adore in this breed.

Types of Greyhounds



Naturally, the Greyhound itself must be at the top of our list! This ancient breed can be traced back to the Valley of the Nile, specifically around the period of 2900-2751 B.C.

The Greyhound, known for its ability to scent and chase wild animals such as hares and rabbits, holds the title of the fastest dog breed, capable of reaching speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

They are the original breed that has inspired many other coursing hounds.


Greyhounds are known for their good-natured demeanor, gentle nature, and laid-back attitude. You will most likely find a Greyhound relaxing in their bed or on the couch when you are at home.

However, once outside and off-leash, these dogs transform into running machines. Their independence can sometimes be mistaken for stubbornness during training.

They display affection towards their families but tend to be reserved or distant towards strangers.


The Greyhound is perfectly designed for running, with its long, narrow, and aerodynamic head complemented by a muscular and elegant neck.

When a Greyhound is excited, their ears are typically folded back but semi-erect.

Their hindquarters are long and athletic, their legs are strong yet slender, and they have an overall elegant appearance.

Vital Statistics:

Height:27-30 inches
Weight:60-70 pounds
Colors:Nearly all hues, including ticking and bicolor coats
Lifespan:10-13 years
Health:Breeders will perform scans to check for Greyhound neuropathy, eye problems, and cardiac issues. Gastric torsion and bloat are risks that owners should be aware of.

Italian Greyhound

If you are looking for a smaller version of a Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound is the perfect choice for you!


This breed is believed to have originated from the Roman Empire and has been highly valued as noble companions for over 2,000 years.

During the Renaissance of Italy, the smallest Greyhound gained fame as a status symbol and has consistently charmed its owners.


Italian Greyhounds are known for being sensitive and intelligent, and they have a deep affection for their owners. They are alert, playful, and energetic.

However, they also enjoy curling up and patiently waiting while their owners are occupied. It’s not uncommon for them to attempt to sit on your lap, so don’t be surprised!

They are sensitive yet slightly stubborn, making positive reinforcement methods the most effective approach.


The Italian Greyhound resembles its larger relative, the Greyhound, although it possesses a slightly more slender physique.

The ideal characteristics of these objects include elegant and graceful lines, along with a deep and narrow chest.

Their skin appears smooth, while their hair is soft and glossy, resembling the texture of satin. Their backs have a distinct curve that slopes down towards the hindquarters. Their legs are slender yet long and muscled.

Vital Statistics:

Height:13-15 inches
Weight:7-14 pounds
Colors:Almost all canine colors (including white markings)
Lifespan:14-15 years
Health:The majority of the time good, however breeders should check for Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, hypothyroidism, autoimmune conditions, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

Galgo Espanol, or Spanish Greyhound

The Spanish Sighthound, also known as Galgo Espanol, is another name for the Spanish Greyhound. Spanish records of greyhounds date back to the year 100 A.D.

It is believed that this breed descended from the greyhounds discovered in Egypt at that time.


Spanish Greyhounds, which were once employed to hunt hares, may not be as well-known as some other varieties of greyhounds, but they make genuinely wonderful family pets.


Spanish Sighthounds are kind, calm dogs that will contentedly nap all day in a cozy location. As long as they’re inside a properly gated area, they like the chance to showcase their speed once they’re outside the house.

They typically get along excellent with kids and other animals.

Because of their guarded personalities, early socializing is crucial.


Although Spanish Sighthounds and Greyhounds initially have a very similar appearance, their structure is significantly distinct.

They have a longer, more streamlined head and are lighter and smaller. They have a flatter muscle profile and are higher in the loins than the chest.

Spanish Greyhounds have two different coat kinds: the smooth coat and the rough coat.

Vital Statistics:

Height:25-26 inches
Weight:50-65 pounds
Colors:Any color
Lifespan:12-15 years
Health:Extremely healthy but susceptible to the anesthetic.

Saluki or Persian Greyhounds

The Saluki is the more popular name for the graceful and independent Persian Greyhound. The Persian Greyhound is one of the oldest dog breeds that has ever been discovered, dating back to 7000 B.C.

Favorites of the Ming Dynasty, Alexander the Great, and Egyptian pharaohs. Salukis may appear fragile, but they are made to resist extreme weather.


Salukis have an independent streak that makes them stand out as skilled sighthounds but may also be reserved among strangers.

They will agree to some training but are quickly bored; thus, monotonous training should be avoided. It is advised to use gentle techniques like positive reinforcement.

Salukis don’t frequently enjoy fetch, but they often find themselves chasing flitting creatures like birds or squirrels!


Salukis possess both grace and strength. They have long, silky ears and long, slender skulls. Their chests are deep yet thin, and they have a broad back with a distinct arch over their loins.

They can effectively run over rough terrain for extended distances because their paws are well-padded. Salukis can have smooth or feathery coats.

They don’t smell like dogs at all, and they are immaculate.

Vital Statistics:

Height:18-28 inches
Weight:40-65 pounds
Colors:Many different colors and patterns
Lifespan:10-17 years
Health:No genetic severe illnesses, but they can be prone to heart conditions, specific types of cancer, and autoimmune issues. Owners must be aware of the increased risk of gastric torsion or bloat.

Arabian Greyhound or Sloughi

Another historic greyhound breed, usually called the Sloughi, is the now-rare Arabic Greyhound. These dogs, which are pronounced “SLOO-ghi,” were first produced by the Bedouins and Berbers of North Africa.

According to specific theories, they may have arrived in Europe when Hannibal conducted his infamous journey through the Alps.


While affectionate with their owners, Sloughis are reserved towards strangers.

They can be characterized as aloof and dignified, and they sometimes find overly dramatic demonstrations of devotion from strangers or persons they don’t trust offensive.

They require a lot of daily exercise, which includes the capacity to run quickly and unrestrainedly off-leash. Because of their delicate nature, gentle training techniques are a requirement.


Medium to huge in stature, Sloughis have a sturdy yet refined appearance.

They feature long, elegant heads with medium-sized ears, a deep chest with a well-tucked belly, and a topline that is mainly horizontal and slopes slightly at the croup.

Vital Statistics:

Height:24-29 inches
Weight:45-70 pounds
Colors:Cream, mahogany, red, or sandy. May have black masks or brindle patterns.
Lifespan:12-14 years
Health:Generally very good. Breeders will screen for Progressive Retinal Atrophy and certain autoimmune diseases. Additionally, sloughis are sensitive to anesthesia, vaccinations, and anti-worming drugs.

Russian Greyhound or Borzoi

The Russian Wolfhound or Greyhound is more popularly called the Borzoi. Their name derives from the Russian word “borzyi,” which means fast.

These canines are definitely swift! Since the sixteenth century, they have existed. These independent canines adore running and require a secure area to take off in full flight.


Due to their high level of sensitivity, Borzoi dogs thrive when owned by knowledgeable, compassionate people. They are affectionate with their family members yet dislike having their privacy violated.

The Borzoi sighthound breed, like many others, can be picky about the instructions they choose to follow.

Although it can be mistaken for disobedience, this is only their autonomous nature.


Borzois have a classic, slightly curved back and are graceful and agile. Their powerful yet tucked-up loins contrast with their tiny yet bottomless chests.

Their long, silky coat can be either flat or slightly waved.

Vital Statistics:

Height:26 inches upwards
Weight:75-105 pounds
Colors:Almost any shade of color, such as brindle and ticking
Lifespan:9-14 years
Health:Generally healthy. Breeders should test for elbow and hip dysplasia, eye conditions, and heart issues. Can suffer from bloat. They are more sensitive to anesthesia than some other breeds.

Afghan Greyhound or Afghan Hound

Some claim that Afghans are the oldest purebred dogs in the world, while others assert that they served as the Ark’s canine ambassadors.

This breed has long been a favored part of Eastern culture and is assumed to have existed before recorded history. Even Barbie from Mattel had a dog named Beauty from Afghanistan!

These dogs personify grace and dignity to the fullest.


Afghan hounds are kind and lively around their families but might be wary around strangers.

Like all sighthounds, they exhibit a strong prey drive and may find it difficult to resist the impulse to pursue small, erratic animals.

Due to their independence, Afghans may only sometimes obey training orders.


Afghan Greyhounds have a high, proud head carriage, prominent hipbones, and a distinctively curled “ring” at the end of their tails.

They also conduct themselves with dignity and grace.

They are known for their long, thick coat covered in fine, silky hair. They have a short coat along their saddle and long hair all over the rest of their body.

Vital Statistics:

Height:25-27 inches
Weight:50-60 pounds
Colors:Black, black, silver, black, tan, blue, cream, red, silver, and white. Can have brindle or domino markings
Lifespan:12-15 years
Health:They are generally in good health, although like other low-body-fat sighthounds, they can be sensitive to anesthetic. Afghan’s hips, eyes, and thyroid should all be examined by breeders. Can experience bloat.

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