Pitbull | 5 Facts, Temperament & Breed Info

Pit bulls often suffer unfair treatment. These muscular dogs were bred for dogfighting. This gives them a false reputation as aggressive dogs. Pit bulls are devoted, gentle, and caring with their families. They’re kind and lively too.

Pitbull Dog Overview


For those interested in getting a Pit Bull, here is some basic breed information for individuals who already own one or more dogs of this breed and wish to gain further knowledge or for anyone interested in understanding these remarkable dogs.

Weight Growth Chart

AgeMale Weight (lbs.)Female Weight (lbs.)
One month3-52-4
Two months5-155-15
Three months10-2010-20
Four months15-2510-20
Five months15-3015-25
Six months20-3515-30
Seven months20-4015-35
Eight months25-4520-35
Nine months25-5020-40
Ten months25-5020-40
11 months30-5525-45
One year30-5525-45
Two years35-6030-50


Pit Bulls possess exceptional physical and mental attributes, which make them ideal companions for responsible, active, and compassionate owners.

However, these outstanding qualities can pose a challenge for individuals with limited experience in dog ownership or those who lack a deep understanding of the breed.


Fortunately, Pit Bulls exhibit high responsiveness to training and a strong desire to please.

Therefore, enrolling them in obedience classes is highly recommended once they receive all necessary vaccinations.

Pit Bulls are susceptible to distemper and parvo, so they must receive all their vaccinations before interacting with other dogs or visiting areas where other dogs are commonly found.

A Pit Bull that is well-behaved and obedient can serve as an excellent ambassador for the breed, playing a crucial role in combating prejudice and dispelling misconceptions.


Pitbulls are known for being flexible and can do well in cities as long as they get enough exercise and have other ways to use up their energy.

While many Pit Bulls are known for their easygoing nature and tendency to be couch potatoes, it’s important to note that they can also exhibit high energy levels and be quite rambunctious, especially until they reach maturity.

In some cases, maturity can come quite late for this breed, typically around 2 to 3 years old. Pit Bulls maintain their playful nature and possess a wonderful sense of humor.

These dogs are guaranteed to make you laugh like no other.


Pit bulls are powerful, spirited, elegant, and muscular dogs. They are also incredibly determined and resourceful. One of their most distinguishing characteristics is “Determination.”

They will give everything they have to anything they set out to do. They don’t give up easily, whether escaping from an improperly fenced yard to explore the neighborhood, trashing your new couch when you leave the house alone, or getting into your lap to kiss you.

The American Temperament Test Society conducts tests for dog breeds across the country.

They assign a passing score to each breed, which is determined by the percentage of dogs that pass the test compared to the total number of dogs of that breed tested.

As of March 2001, 82.3% of American Pit Bull Terriers passed, making it one of the top 5 most stable dog types in the country.

The term “pitbull” has an unfortunate origin.

The term “pitbull” specifically originated from a form of entertainment known as ratting, which involved bloodthirsty activities.

In the past, there were instances where rats and dogs were thrown into a pit to engage in fights, with people placing bets on which animal would perish first. The term “pit” in pitbull refers to the arena where these dogs were historically used for brutal sports.

This fact about Pitbulls is undoubtedly one of the more somber ones. People naturally gain weight, even after they hit their full adult height.

In the same way, a miniature Cane Corso puppy is likely to reach its full size a little earlier than an enormous puppy.

The term “pitbull” encompasses various breeds of dogs.

In addition to American Staffordshire Terriers, there are other pit bull breeds, such as the American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and even the American Bulldog.


Professional breeders consider crossbreeds that exhibit the characteristics of these breeds to be classified as pit bulls as well.

However, it is essential to note that Britain does not officially recognize the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a pit bull.

It is common for people to refer to mixed-breed dogs as Pitbulls.

Due to their similar appearances, it is often convenient to classify hybrids as Pitbulls. However, professional breeders and veterinarians exercise caution and are not as hasty in referring to crossbreeds as Pitbulls.

The verdict, however, is contingent upon the number of common traits the crossbreeds have.

DNA analysis can be used to determine whether or not the crossbreed can be classified as a Pitbull.

Pitbulls typically have wrinkled foreheads when they are young.

Pitbull puppies are born with wrinkled foreheads. However, as they grow older, their foreheads gradually lose this physical trait and become smooth.

Science has yet to explain this phenomenon. What do you think of these interesting pitbull facts?

Pitbulls possess a solid biting force.

Given their reputation as aggressive dogs, it is not surprising that Pitbulls are capable of inflicting severe bites. However, when it comes to biting, Rottweilers or German Shepherds far surpass them.

However, Pitbulls are still known for their reputation of latching onto their targets and vigorously shaking them.

Once provoked, a pitbull may tend to hold onto the animal or person they have bitten.

In the worst-case scenarios, professionals usually break a small ampule of ammonia near the dog’s nose. The pungent odor of ammonia compels the dog to release its grip and move away from the source of the smell.

Pitbulls do not possess locking jaws.

This is a popular myth, but it lacks any factual basis. When Pitbulls bite and refuse to release, it is not because they are physically incapable of letting go.

They don’t want to let go because they are unwilling to do so. Contrary to popular fiction or internet claims, it is essential to note that no dog in the animal kingdom possesses a locking jaw.

Pitbulls have a propensity for violence.

Due to the pitbull’s historical background, these dogs have inherent tendencies to fight with other dogs and animals.

Pitbulls have been known to exhibit sudden aggression towards other dogs, animals, and even people, often without any prior warning.

However, the pitbull can usually be calmed down surprisingly easily with quick intervention from the owner.

In addition, they are among the most devoted pets in the world.

Despite how strange it may sound, their fearsome reputation is only a veil that conceals their affectionate behavior.

Professional trainers have found that Pitbulls rank second, after Golden Retrievers, in temperament tests. What’s more intriguing is that Chihuahuas were shown to be the most vicious dog breed.

It is advisable to begin training Pitbulls at an early age.

While it is true that Pitbulls may exhibit aggressive tendencies, it is possible to prevent such behavior through early training that focuses on teaching them not to fear humans and to avoid attacking other dogs and animals.

To ensure the proper care of a Pitbull, we are advisable to commence their training early to mitigate any potential incidents in the future.

Now, I have one that provides essential facts about Pitbulls.

  1. Only licensed breeders should be used to purchase Pitbulls.

Purchasing pitbulls from certified breeders guarantees that the dogs will not possess any negative traits resulting from improper breeding practices.

In certain instances, breeders may sell Pitbulls trained for fighting as pets.

Under those conditions, there is a higher likelihood of Pitbulls attacking their owners or other individuals without any prior warning.

2. Another option is to adopt a Pitbull from a dog shelter.

Contrary to specific online sources, no evidence supports the claim that Pitbulls adopted from dog shelters are more prone to violence than other breeds.

Professionals concur that even dogs that have been abused can learn to overcome their fear of humans and eventually develop a positive relationship with them.

Dog shelters also have their standards and would never allow dogs that have not recovered from abuse to be available for adoption.

3. It is advisable to consult the law before acquiring a pitbull.

Some countries have implemented restrictions on keeping Pitbulls due to their history of violence. This is done to prevent them from being involved in blood sports and to protect their well-being.

If you are considering getting a pitbull, it is advisable to consult with your national and local government to inquire about any breed-specific restrictions or regulations that may be in place.

Here’s a pitbull fact that you should remember.

4. Pitbulls require vaccinations for their well-being.

Pitbulls, like all dogs, should receive vaccines for rabies. However, professionals generally consider distemper and parvovirus more likely to affect Pitbulls.

With that being said, pitbull owners need to take additional precautions to prevent their pets from contracting these life-threatening diseases.

5. Pitbulls also play essential roles in agriculture.

In addition to their training as K9s by law enforcement, Pitbulls also serve a valuable role on farms.

Their responsibilities include guarding livestock, preventing them from wandering and herding them away from predators. Professional hunters utilize pitbulls as valuable assets in tracking their prey.

6. Two former US Presidents owned two Pitbulls.

Teddy Roosevelt, who served as the President of the United States from 1901 to 1909, was notable for being the first president to have a Pitbull in the White House.

Woodrow Wilson, who served as the President of the United States from 1913 to 1921, became the second individual to own a pitbull while residing in the White House a few years after assuming office.


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