Bengal Cat vs. Maine Coon Cat | 5 Points To Know, Which Suits You Best?

Have you ever pondered the distinctions between Maine Coons and Bengal cats? These breeds share several similarities. However, they also possess notable credits. The right choice for you and your family depends on your circumstances.

Bengal Cat vs. Maine Coon

bengal cat
bengal cat

One significant distinction between a Bengal cat and a Maine Coon is found in their fur. Bengal cats are known for their smooth and silky coats, while Maine Coons have thick coats that are fluffy in texture.

Furthermore, both breeds are known for their large size, although Maine Coons tend to be more prominent in terms of size.

Both species are known for being highly sociable and enjoying playtime. They are also knowledgeable and quick learners.

Are Bengal Cats More Powerful Than Maine Coons?

Maine Coons and Bengals are cat breeds known for their relatively large size and muscular, strong bodies. While

Maine Coons may not be as active as smaller leopard cats; they are generally considered more vital due to their larger size.

Are Bengal cats larger than Maine Coon cats?

Bengals and Maine Coons are more significant than many other domestic cat breeds. Indeed, it is possible to come across specific Bengals that may be larger than certain Maine Coons.

However, in general, the Maine Coon breed is considered to be larger than Bengal cats.

BengalsMaine Coons
Weight8-15 pounds (some can weigh up to 22 pounds)10-25 pounds
Height13-16 inches10-16 inches
Length14-18 inches19-32 inches (some can be 40 inches in length)


maine coon cat
maine coon cat

Although both breeds are large-bodied felines, Maine Coon cats are notably larger. On average, they can weigh between 9 and 25 pounds, although there are instances where they can be even more significant. Gentle giants have a height ranging from 10 to 16 inches.

Male cats are generally larger than females, but both genders are known for their robust, muscular build and long bodies.

This particular breed is renowned for its exceptionally long and bushy tails. Their bodies can grow to 30 to 40 inches long, not including the bottom.

The seats can range from 11 to 16 inches or even longer.

The Bengal cat is known for its muscular build. These objects typically range from 8 to 20 pounds, with the majority weighing around 12 to 15 pounds.

Males tend to be larger than females. The height of this kitty will range from approximately 13 to 16 inches at the shoulder, while its length, excluding the tail, will stretch from 16 to 22 inches.

Bengals possess muscular and sleek bodies, characterized by back legs that are noticeably longer than their front legs.


Although both of these felines possess a majestic appearance and have large, muscular bodies, they do not bear much resemblance to each other.

A mixed breed of these two cats is lovely, rare, and an unforgettable experience for any cat lover fortunate enough to encounter one. Gentle giants possess large, square-shaped heads adorned with big, wide-set eyes.

Their eyes are highly expressive and typically come in copper, green, or gold shades. Heterochromia, characterized by having one blue eye and one eye of a different color, is frequently observed in this particular breed.

Gentle giants possess large, broad, pointed ears adorned with cuffs.

The species also has a distinctive ruff of fur around their necks, which gives them a resemblance to a lion’s mane. Additionally, they frequently keep tufted feet.

bengal cat
bengal cat

The Bengal cat is renowned for its stunning appearance and distinctive physical characteristics. As previously mentioned, the animal’s back legs are significantly longer than their front legs.

Pet leopards have round-shaped heads that are small in size. Bengals often have round, comprehensive, large eyes and distinctive facial markings. These markings can include a noticeable capital M-shaped marking on their forehead, a common feature among Bengals with tabby patterning.

The eye color of this breed is commonly orange, yellow, green, and brown. This particular breed of domestic cats is known for having exceptionally long tails.

Even the most domesticated ones exude a sense of untamed spirit and closely resemble their wild counterparts, albeit in a more diminutive form.

The Bengals have short and silky fur, which gives them the appearance of being much smaller than their gentle giant counterparts.

Cross-breeding can result in the existence of long-haired Bengals, although it is essential to note that such occurrences are infrequent.

Cashmere is the term used to describe long-haired varieties selectively bred by certain breeders.

Is it possible to breed a Bengal cat with a Maine Coon?

Maine Coons can be bred with Bengals. The crossbreed between a Maine Coon and a Bengal cat is commonly called a “Maine Coon Bengal mix.”

This cat is a beautiful and intelligent American hybrid mix. This cat has a striking appearance and displays characteristics of both Bengals and Maine Coons.

Which cat is more significant than a Maine Coon cat?

Maine Coons are considered one of the giant domestic cat breeds, if not the largest. While it is possible to come across individual cats slightly larger than a Maine Coon, such cases are generally rare and not the norm.

Regular Domestic CatsMaine Coons
Weight8-10 pounds10-25 pounds
Height9-10 inches10-16 inches
Length15-18 inches19-40 inches


The Maine Coon is nicknamed “the gentle giant” for an excellent reason. Despite their large size, these giant fur babies are not intimidating. Indeed, they are incredibly kind-hearted individuals.

Golden Retrievers are typically known for their friendly nature toward children and ability to form positive relationships with individuals of various age groups.

These cats are brilliant and thoroughly enjoy playing games. They maintain a kitten-like mentality even as they grow into adulthood.

The Maine Coon, unlike many other domestic felines, takes longer to mature, sometimes not reaching full maturity until they are three or even four years old.

The gentle giant is highly skilled at catching mice and enjoys playing games like chase and other activities. They are not aggressive and are very friendly towards humans.

Owners should begin training them early as they possess a slight stubborn streak. This breed is highly agile and remarkably dexterous.

Cats can utilize their paws as tools, enabling them to engage in various activities such as playing games, performing tricks, opening doors, and showcasing other impressive skills.

One distinctive trait of this breed is its exceptional vocalization, which sets them apart from other species that typically produce the conventional meowing sound. They have a chirping or chattering sound and are not hesitant to express their thoughts.

People say that these cats also love to play in the water. They joyfully splash around in puddles or the bathtub.

This breed has a water-resistant outer coat and will enjoy splashing around in the bathtub or even a small children’s pool.

Maine Coon cats are generally more friendly and agreeable to humans than toy leopards. These cats with a wild appearance are highly energetic and may not always be as affectionate.

This breed is known for being affectionate and enjoys being around people. However, they are not the type of cat that is content to sleep away in the afternoon.

This breed is known for its exceptional curiosity, intelligence, and strong prey drive.

If the cats’ physical activity needs are met, they will have high energy levels.


Gentle giants possess significant energy and require consistent physical activity and daily exercise. This breed is known for spending long periods napping, with short bursts of energy scattered throughout the day.

It is recommended that individuals engage in at least two or three 20-minute sessions of high-quality physical activity each day.

This breed is highly trainable and will happily go for a brisk walk on a leash around the yard. It is advisable to train them to wear harnesses since they enjoy escaping.

Bengal cats are known for being a highly energetic breed. They need to get a lot of physical activity.

Providing a toy leopard with ample options for play is crucial to help them release their excess energy.

This breed likes to go outside, but it should always be on a leash and supervised. It is advisable to allow them to roam freely in a securely enclosed area, such as a cat patio.

These energetic cats have a solid inclination to climb and will always be looking for opportunities to do so.

Therefore, owners need to provide them with a cat tower or tree. In addition, it would be beneficial to provide them with a cat wheel and climbing structures, such as kitty steps that can be mounted on the wall.

These additions will help them healthily channel their energy.

Owners should anticipate engaging in multiple play sessions with their Bengal cat daily.

Can Bengal cats mate with domestic cats?

Bengals are capable of breeding with domestic cats. The Bengal breed was created by crossing the Asian Leopard cat with a regular domestic cat.

It is worth mentioning that breeders are compelled to continue breeding first-generation Bengals with domestic cats because male Bengals of the F1-F3 generation are unable to reproduce.

Bengal Cat and Maine Coon Mix

A Bengal cat and Maine Coon mix is a hybrid breed, and it is difficult to predict its specific characteristics.

Bengal mixes with a higher concentration of Bengal genes typically exhibit a more muscular and slender physique. In this scenario, the face would appear slightly broader, and the spine would be somewhat more arched.

Cats that have inherited more traits from a Maine Coon would typically be bulkier, although they are generally slightly smaller and more muscular than regular Maine Coons.

The coats of these kitties can come in marbled, spotted, or rosette patterns, and the fur length is typically short to medium.

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